With over 11,000 customers, Intacct is the clear choice and new industry leader for professional service organizations, non-profit and membership associations, software and technology businesses, franchises, retail and hospitality businesses, senior living centers, religious institutions, private schools and educational organizations, investment and wealth management companies, wholesale distribution and ecommerce companies, and aviation businesses.

In fact, it’s ideal for any company that has a great business application they love that either doesn’t have backend accounting or the financial system is simply too limited to handle their accounting needs.

Intacct includes Project Accounting and Time and Expense modules for built-in project accounting with milestone billing and complex project management and reporting. Other options for PSA are available in the Intacct Marketplace.

Non-profits used to have very limited accounting choices. They could buy one of the industry-specific applications on the market designed for their specific needs but they were forced to run on the desktop and had almost no options for third party add-ons or they could try to make a general accounting application work for their needs but configuring their general ledger just right to manage funds, grants, and other complexities of their particular industry. But no more. Intacct is killing the competition in the not-for-profit software market with the best of both worlds – cutting-edge technology with non-profit industry functionality. Further, integration with provides new opportunities to manage memberships with bidirectional integration to Intacct for member-based organizations and clubs.

Progressive CPA firms must provide high-value strategic support to clients while managing their own finances. Intacct offers an Accountants Program providing firms with online access to their clients’ books and Intacct can connect to specialized firm-management applications providing a more comprehensive accounting solution for in-house financial transactions and reporting.

Very few legacy ERP systems supported the needs of software and technology firms. The few that did are as extinct as the dinosaur. Intacct is by far the best option with specialized revenue recognition to handle the complexities of software licenses, subscriptions, and renewals as well as consulting, implementation, and development projects. You can even integrate to Zuora, the industry-leading subscription billing system for SaaS applications. The Intacct Digital Board Book provides a holistic view of subscriptions including performance, financial data, and key metrics.

Healthcare companies across a broad spectrum of services utilize Intacct for their financials but it’s especially well-suited for senior living centers with sophisticated accounting and reporting to manage financials by entity, facility, and down to the department level. Further, Intacct connects seamlessly with MatrixCare by MDI Achieve, adding accounts payable and general ledger functionality to the leading web-based EHR solution for long-term care and senior living organizations.

Intacct continues to invest in advancing the inventory management and order management modules making it a very attractive solution for wholesale distributors. Further, seamless integration with closes the loop between prospecting and customer management and ecommerce options like Magento extend the system for online sales and customer self-service.

1 Corinthians 4:2: Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy. Proverbs 3:9: Honor God with your wealth, and with the first fruits of all your produce. Finances are a huge part of every religious institution and church leadership has a responsibility to minimize costs to maximize investments into the works of the Church. Technology costs and unnecessary labor are huge costs that many churches struggle to manage. That’s why so many religious institutions love Intacct. Cloud accounting means that there is no infrastructure to purchase or to maintain. The simple user interface makes it easier to learn. And the financials are designed to provide insight to help the organization minimize costs across the organization.

Manage the finances of your entire franchise business with insights into each franchise location and rolled-up consolidated views of financials. Most business software supports multiple companies but none are designed the way Intacct is to manage franchise businesses with information for the franchise business and corporate management with separate books for independent franchise owners to manage their day to day business all from the same system! Staff at each franchise location can perform specific financial processes based on roles and permissions. And everyone can be on the same page with easy integration and anywhere, anytime access to real-time information.

Aviation businesses are complex and geographically dispersed making Intacct the perfect solution for access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Financials support multiple books for different legal entities with built-in consolidations and dimensions to simplify your chart of accounts while providing a new way to analyze financials by location, department, project, or other criteria making it easy to adapt to change when you add or remove a new location or department. And Intacct’s unique design makes it easy to integrate to specialized aviation business applications for maintenance, scheduling, and quality management.

Private schools and educational institutions historically have been underserved by accounting technology. Few options were available that provided the deep financial features they needed along with the functionality to integrate to various external applications for maintenance and operations, curriculum, learning management, enrollment, and other departments. Intacct is the solution you’ve been waiting for. The financials are amazing and incredibly flexible and the open API architecture makes it a breeze to connect to other systems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a single storefront or independent hotel or if you have hundreds of storefronts or hotel locations – Intacct can help you manage your business better. The financials are extremely flexible providing insights into sales and inventory availability with multiple options for point of sale, payment processing, and sales tax. Salesforce integration enables you to better understand your customers, guests, and prospects. And best of all, you can keep the reservation or inventory management systems you use today and simply connect them to Intacct to get the financial management functionality you demand to manage your business effectively.

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