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Sage had a spell when they weren’t developing a lot of new products but that all changed a few years ago and they invested quite a bit into a relatively unknown product that came through their Softline acquisition in 2004. Originally called Sage Pastel My Business Online, Sage continued to work on the product and relaunched it in 2014 as Sage One. Developed in South Africa specifically for South African businesses, it was expanded to the UK market and then to the US and Canada and has grown to more than 100,000 subscriptions in 2015 becoming a leading option for businesses considering entry-level accounting software.

The product is an excellent option for smaller businesses with less than 100 employees who need a solid entry-level accounting application to manage their core financials. It’s available in many different countries including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, France, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, and other regions of the world including much of the African continent.

It’s available in multiple editions including a free mobile app for basic income and expense management, Start for $16 per month which expands on income and expenses with bank reconciliation, and Accounting which features a full accounting suite with estimates and invoicing for just $33 per month. Sage One Accounting includes unlimited users. It integrates with Sage Payment Solutions for credit card and ACH transaction processing. Unlike a few of the lower end products, Sage One Accounting supports multiple currencies. A huge benefit for users is access to the Sage Accountants Network where small business owners can get advice and assistance with their accounting.

Sage One does not include inventory or any manufacturing capabilities but Sage opened up Sage One to the development community a few years ago paving the way for software developers to integrate their products with Sage One. There are currently a few dozen apps available on the Sage One Marketplace but this list is growing fast.

Sage One is an attractive web-based accounting application for smaller businesses globally. Sage One is an attractive web-based accounting application for smaller businesses globally.

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