Saying Goodbye to QuickBooks

As your business begins to grow, so will many of the departments and the daily tasks that need to be completed. QuickBooks may have been the perfect fit for your business in the past, but maybe it’s starting to lag behind all the processes that you are now taking care of. Tasks that used to be easy are now eating away at your time.

So how do you know that the problem is your accounting solution and not just you? Here’s how you know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks.

  1. Your spending hours outside of QuickBooks working on spreadsheets
  2. Spending time working on manual processes, reducing your productivity
  3. Lacking timely data
  4. Lacking integration with apps
  5. Lack real-time visibility into project revenue, costs, and profitability

Despite all these realities that your business has become bigger than QuickBooks you may still be hesitant to move over into an ERP system. Often times, companies are hesitant to switch over despite the limitations becoming clearer and more noticeable. So why is there so much hesitation, and how can you get over it?

It’s Been Good to You

One of the most popular choices for companies starting out or smaller businesses is QuickBooks. It’s basic accounting features are all that a company needs to get their feet off the ground and serves those small businesses well, but once a company hits the ground running, the program simply can’t keep up. The tools needed to complete necessary tasks, such as integrating with apps and data reporting aren’t there. You will need an ERP system to keep up with your growing business.

ERP Horror Stories

They are all out there on the internet. Horror stories of an ERP implementation gone wrong. You may have even heard one from a business colleague. Although ERP implementation can be daunting and may worry you about your business future, it’s important to remember that there is a right and wrong way to implement ERP. Don’t let this be the reason you’re holding back from upgrading. The best way to get over this fear is to read up on ERP implementation, and learn from the mistakes that others failed from. Choosing the right vendor as well can give you the right consultant who can help you down a path to ERP implementation success.

Lack of Time

Yes, choosing and implementing a new ERP system can take a bit of time, but it shouldn’t be the end-all be-all of what is stopping you. Although, admittedly, it will take some time away from daily tasks, it will all be worth the switch in the end. Daily tasks that had to be done manually, sucking up time every single day, will be automatic in the ERP switch and save you time overall in your coming years using the ERP system.

Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s time to make the switch to an ERP system from your previous use of QuickBooks, don’t let little worries stop you from doing it. Even though you are used to and comfortable with QuickBooks, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t head forward to a system that will give you even more benefits.

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