We work with a number of business intelligence platforms and applications because there are so many great tools available and not all of them do quite the same thing. Below are just a few of the applications we recommend. Keep in mind that most ERP systems have their own built-in BI capabilities such as Epicor’s Business Analyzer Queries (BAQ) and Business Process Management (BPM), Business Insights Analyzer and Business Insights Dashboard for Sage ERP products, and more.

Solver BI360 is our go-to BI application because it is has so many features, integrates to just about any data source, and is priced right so that it’s in reach for most midmarket companies. Added bonus – you can use it for budgeting as well! Learn More.

BizInsight by BizNet has become the de facto Excel-based replacement for Microsoft FRx. It’s Microsoft Excel interface makes it incredibly easy to use with pre-defined integration with most popular ERP and accounting systems including those from Sage, Epicor, Microsoft, and other ERP products.

Sage Intelligence is a great application to build custom reports for Sage 100c, Sage 500, and other Sage ERP applications. While not quite as feature-rich as Solver or BizInsight – Sage Intelligence is a great option for most Sage customers to consider. Learn More.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a bit more robust than Sage Intelligence making it an excellent option for Sage 500 and Sage X3 customers.

Microsoft Power BI is another BI option for companies to evaluate. It can connect easily to multiple data sources and is especially well suited for creating dashboards from data across enterprise systems.

KnowledgeSync by Vineyardsoft is one of our favorite BI tools. Sitting on top of any SQL or SQL Azure database, KnowledgeSync is excellent for monitoring databases to send email alerts or to automate the delivery of special reports.

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