The Importance of Software in Assisted Living Facilities

Protecting patient information is one of the biggest challenges for assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and it is critical that they have the appropriate software solutions in place to manage this and more. Beyond protecting and managing patient information, scheduling care and registering new patients, the facility’s personnel and human resources function needs to be met as well. In order to perform all of these tasks, it is important to have the right software in place and for the appropriate staff to be sufficiently trained on how to use it.

With current projections indicating more than 70 million senior citizens in the United States by the year 2020, even more established senior living communities could benefit from having a single unified solution for their operations and accounting software.

While it’s true there are more seniors remaining in the workforce than ever before, there remains a growing number of seniors admitted to assisted living homes each year. Just as seniors have specific needs in terms of their healthcare requirements, assisted living facilities also have their own specific needs to meet the operational challenges they face.

Sage Intacct offers assisted living facilities the ability to integrate all of their clinical data and information from other third party software systems into a single software solution that is designed specifically for use within the long-term care industry.

Software Functionality for Assisted Living Facilities

There are many features to consider when choosing the right data management software a nursing home or assisted living facility. In addition to safeguarding protected health information within your organization, Intacct helps:

  • Automate tasks and processes related to patient care
  • Automate boilerplate document generation
  • Account for transition processes inpatient care (transfers to new facilities, care providers, etc.)
  • Feature support for digital financial contracts
  • Streamline patient care and management
  • Integrate with regulatory compliance standards
  • Integrate with insurance processing and other financial functions
  • Create a support framework for leadership decision making processes

Intacct integrates with every process in each organizational department, making them accessible and available for reference. Clinical records and the billing process are able to interface with suppliers and logistics as needed for operational cohesion.

Beyond delivering cloud accounting to assisted living facilities, Intacct provides options for creating and storing medical charts, barcoding, tracking and complying with a patient’s dietary restrictions, regulatory compliance, personnel scheduling, and more.

Additional ERP Considerations and Capabilities

There are more considerations to bear in mind when selecting an assisted living ERP solution. Sage Intacct helps assisted living facilities to oversee:

  • Facility Management – Helps with the process of identifying, tracking, and maintaining equipment, as well as help identify which equipment costs more than it helps generate for the business.
  • Reporting – With Intacct’s Dimensions, staff can easily filter data to create reports quickly.
  • Cloud Accounting – Financial consolidations for multi-entity healthcare organizations
  • Work Requests – Intacct helps facilities automate and track work request processes such as electrical or plumbing issues, improving response time and limiting downtime; automate work scheduling and task assignments amongst personnel.
  • Visitor Scheduling and Management – Help schedule and automate workflow processes as they relate to patient visitation schedules.
  • Staff Availability – Helps to ensure enough staff on hand at any given time.
  • Medication Management – Track patient prescription needs and ensure the correct drugs and dosages are administered.
  • Resident Activities – Long-term care is about more than just medical care. Intacct helps schedule and manage activities to improve the overall quality of life for residents in the facility.
  • Drill Down Capability – When costs increase, the accounting department needs to know why. Intacct features intuitive dashboards which makes it easy for management to drill into data and gain the insight they need to take action.
  • Managing Requisitions – Often a manual process, it can be extremely time consuming. Intacct offers automated workflows to streamline purchasing.
  • Grant Management – No need to track grants in a separate software package or Excel. With Intacct, this can be handled with financials, and provide the tracking and ability to meet new NFP reporting requirements.

Sage Intacct is the assisted living ERP which improves workflows without reinventing the wheel. By eliminating inefficiencies right away, improved patient care and increased productivity occur naturally as a result.

By giving assisted living facilities the ability to easily set up automation for standard processes, streamline reporting processes and improve data transparency, Sage Intacct is helping to reduce operational waste and save employee time.

e2b teknologies has a deep understanding of the unique accounting and financial management needs of assisted living and long-term senior care facilities and offers systems for senior living communities who want seamless accounting, clinical and business management solutions. Contact us to learn more about business management solutions for your assisted living facility.

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