The Role of SaaS in Modern Business

The speed of business continues to increase, companies face new threats from competitors and those businesses who fall behind feel the pain. Add to this higher-than-ever customer expectations, compliance concerns nationally and globally, and ongoing threats from cybercriminals, and you may feel like it’s harder to operate than ever.

Today we’ll explore how cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools deliver the innovation, freedom, and flexibility you need to compete in the modern business world.

Cloud and SaaS ERP: More Freedom, More Flexibility, More Innovation

There are many reasons businesses choose to leverage the cloud to deliver their ERP. Increased security and easy integrations help businesses to discover the true benefits of cloud, including the following:

– While many people may think of ERP as slow to change — only releasing a couple big updates over the life of the software alongside a few hotfixes — today’s ERP is continually changing. Most cloud ERP applications not only offer two to four updates per year but also often make these changes in direct response to user needs and to improve the way the software works.

In turn, companies who use ever-evolving ERP get an increasingly powerful ERP tool that can grow with them through the life of the product with no need to worry about support schedules, planned obsolescence or finding a developer who can make changes to an outdated product. With software always up to date and continually improving, businesses get a better picture of where they stand and request new features if they need them.

– One of the most pressing challenges many businesses faced in the previous era of ERP had to do with the number of users. Relying on server allocation and perpetual licenses, companies would buy additional licenses in advance to capture bulk license discounts. Today’s ERP, on the other hand, allows you to add or remove users as you please.

By paying only for those who use the software, adding or removing users as needed, pricing is much more transparent and accurate. Need to scale up for growth, tax season or to close the books? It’s as simple as making a call. Need to remove a few users? Just as easy. This flexibility provides businesses with real value and helps your business to avoid license lock-in.

– Today’s business has multiple locations and many people doing different roles. When a salesperson needs information on a client on the way to the client office, or a CFO needs to see a financial report from the airport, they need to get it when and where they are. Cloud ERP offers ready-to-use information for users wherever they are, whenever they need it and however they hope to access it.

Be Wary: Fake Cloud Applications Make Promises but Don’t Deliver

While the cloud provides many benefits to businesses, the “fake cloud” just makes promises they can’t keep. Fake cloud applications — on-premises applications re-imagined to look like cloud applications — say that they are in the cloud but rarely offer the innovation, freedom or flexibility today’s businesses need.

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