Time To Grow Up? How to convert Quickbooks Online To Sage

By all accounts, QuickBooks Online is an avid cloud-based financial and accounting management solution that keeps small and mid-sized businesses organized. Think of updated and accurate sales, purchases, payrolls, and expenses.


QuickBooks Online is easy to use and navigate, and it comes with efficiency tools like money management, invoicing, billing, flexibility with third-party applications, cloud support options, but limited QB financial reporting capabilities.


That’s just it; it’s perfect for small to mid-sized businesses that rely on bookkeepers, but QuickBooks Online won’t make the cut when it comes to growing and scaling your business. Quickbooks also won’t tailor its financial processes based on industry-specific needs. Sage will.


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Sage Takes You to the Next Level

Like QuickBooks Online, Sage accounting software simplifies all your accounting tasks. While neither is solely cloud-based, both platforms run from the cloud through a third-party hosting environment, meaning they have third-party integration solutions that enhance your business financial management processes.


But upgrading from QuickBooks Online is an inevitable decision if you want your business to grow.


Here’s why:


If your organization operates with extensive inventory management or has plans to grow your business, Sage complements your financial and accounting needs better than QuickBooks Online.


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But is the Change Right for Your Business?

Sage is well suited to businesses in manufacturing, construction, non-profit, wholesale distribution, and any other mid to large-sized companies. These companies often handle vast inventory and prefer Sage as its accounting and financial management system.


Every business is different, meaning choose Sage over QuickBooks Online only if the option supports your business objectives.


And since both are logical solutions depending on the stage of your business, determine whether:


Answering yes to these questions is a strong indication it’s time to grow from QuickBooks Online to Sage.


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How to Convert From QuickBooks Online To Sage

First, make sure that transferring your business data from QuickBooks Online to Sage will be successful by ensuring Sage can read the data correctly. Do this by verifying your QuickBooks Online company name and ensuring it is within the “Legal Name” section. The legal name is the name Sage adopts as your new Sage company name.


Then check the QuickBooks Online account types, like accounts payable, accounts receivable, retained payable, etc., and ensure you have at least one. Start to back up your QuickBooks Online data for security.


Once the backup is complete, start the conversion process using the conversion wizards. On the File menu, click the convert a company, choose the QuickBooks Radio button and click okay. Usually, the conversion wizard has the instructions to follow to convert successfully.


Click “convert” once you verify that everything on the conversion wizard list is okay. The wizard will notify you once the conversion is complete and if errors occur.


Fix Your Growing Pains with Sage

Choosing the right financial software for your business amidst the many choices in the market can be a challenge, but converting to Sage is the answer if you want persistent business growth.


Remember, 82% of businesses fail because of mismanagement of finances, so it’s important to adopt technologies that ensure proper money management and innovation for consistent growth.QuickBooks Online is a great starting point for companies, but it can’t keep up with the demands of today’s business. That’s why upgrading from QuickBooks Online is an unavoidable decision for businesses that want to grow.


Sage is the perfect accounting solution for businesses that want more advanced features and industry-specific functionality. A real accounting solution that solves today’s business problems. Upgrade to Sage today.





What is QuickBooks Online?

A cloud-based financial management software developed to make accounting and financial processes for small to mid-sized businesses more manageable.


What is Sage?

A cloud-based accounting software that allows businesses, whether small, midsized, or large, to track their financial and accounting processes, inventory, and invoices.


Is Sage better than QuickBooks Online?

Both are software solutions designed to make business financial and accounting management easy. However, choosing the best one for your business depends on your needs. If you want business growth, Sage will give you more functionalities to accommodate your scaling vision.



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