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10 Phases for Successful ERP Implementation

Like any other project, an ERP implementation project consists of various steps and phases. While no two ERP projects are the same, there are some general ground rules and steps to follow to help guide your project to a successful end. These 10 steps will help you stick to budgets, streamline the process, and successfully adopt ERP into your business strategy. Read more.

General Ledger GL Excel Templates

The General Ledger is the core of every accounting application but there could be valid reasons for managing your GL in Microsoft Excel as opposed to using a formalized accounting application. For example, Microsoft Excel may be beneficial for helping to understand a GL account structure prior to an ERP implementation. Read more.

8 Benefits of Food Processing ERP Software

All process manufacturers face similar types of concerns, whether they are dealing with inventory, customer demands, laws and regulations, or safety issues. On top of that, there is even more apprehension involved in food processing alone, such as the preservation of the final products, safe ingredients, product consistency, product recalls, and more. Consequently, it is extremely important to have a food processing ERP software that will help you better control, monitor, and manage all of these aspects of your operation. Read more.

The History of ERP

The History of ERP is an interesting one (as far as software history goes) Everyone and everything comes from somewhere, ERP software ties back to its predecessor, MRP (Material requirements planning). ERP got its start from MRP with a core focus on Manufacturing; with time it grew into something much larger. In 1990, The Gartner Group, an information technology research and advisory firm coined the acronym “ERP”. Read more.

ERP Audit Checklist

There are many reasons why your business may undergo an ERP audit. Whether you are in a heavily regulated field and must undergo an ERP audit for government compliance or are checking for security breaches, auditing your ERP system is a great way to ensure your data is correct. With incorrect data, you could undergo adverse effects that could hurt your business. Read more.

Discrete ERP Vs. Process ERP

Over the years manufacturing has changed drastically and the industry has broken down itself down into specific industries and niches within them. To keep up with this gradual change, ERP systems have evolved and done the same. This has made ERP selection, a process that has always been tough, even harder for those in search of the ERP system that will best support their processes, This is especially true when is comes to discrete ERP vs. Process ERP system selection. Read more.

What does an excellent scope of work for an ERP project look like?

Breaking out the specific tasks and deadlines of your project can be key to a successful implementation. An ERP scope of work helps get your entire team, both inside and outside of your company, on the same page and keeps everyone working toward the same goal in the same time frame. But there is a difference between an ERP scope of work and an excellent ERP scope of work that will truly help your project become the success you meant it to be. Read more.

The Top 5 Challenges of Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers Solved

Rubber and plastics manufacturers can face unique challenges that are not faced by other discrete manufacturers. Rubber and plastics manufacturers are facing high demand for their products and are two of the largest sectors for manufacturing. To be able to reach all of this demand while staying lean and efficient, rubber and plastic manufacturers are taking advantage of ERP. Read more.

What’s a business process review and why should you get one?

When preparing to add on a new ERP system, one of the very basic places to start is by conducting a business process review. The only way you can be sure that you are selecting an ERP system that will help your business to grow and minimize daily tasks is by checking your business over from top to bottom. Once you are aware of where all your business’ shortcomings are, you will be able to select ERP that focuses on and fixes those issues. Read more.

33 Question Checklist for ERP Selection

When it comes to enterprise software solutions, selection is everything. It all comes down to the final system selection, but before that comes many other choices. From choosing your ERP project team, evaluating your software options, choosing a vendor, and everything in between. It’s a hassle, but it’s worth it. By taking your time to methodically evaluate all of your options and ticking off the check boxes along the way, you will end up with a solution that’s going to give you the best possible results. Read more.



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