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Common ERP Selection Mistakes

Software selection and implementation can be one of the most costly and time consuming projects that your company embarks on. That’s why it’s imperative your ERP selection process is done right. You need to plan for every step of this process and have complete understanding of things like your budget, time required, people involved, and resources required. Failure to evaluate these important factors could mean ditching your final ERP selection and starting the process all over again after just a few years. Read more.

The CPA’s Guide to Getting Started in Cannabis Accounting

Despite widespread legalization of medicinal marijuana, many big accounting firms still avoid the cannabis industry and the many legitimate businesses operating within it. Undeterred, the industry continues to grow and mature with some jurisdictions now beginning to allow for recreational use as well. Forward-thinking CPAs and accounting professionals interested in learning the unique world of cannabis accounting could have a significant and lucrative opportunity ahead of them. Read more.

8 Tips for ERP Evaluation

If you’ve done a recent search for ERP, you may have noticed the overwhelming amount of options on the market. Most people begin the search by looking at industry specific solutions or systems available on the cloud. We encounter hundreds of people each year that don’t know where to start. Read more.

Cannabis Accounting Software – Beware of Impostors

As cannabusinesses are continually faced with unique obstacles not experienced in traditional, long-standing markets, your work is just getting started. As a newly legal industry, business owners are confronted with complex governmental regulation in an already volatile market. With new legislation occurring at break-neck speeds, cannabis operators like you should be looking into purpose-built technology options to streamline operations, remain well-within compliance directives and finally, foster growth. Read more.

ERP Implementation Risk Factors

We know that today’s ERP solutions give your organization robust reporting and streamlined efficiency allowing company leadership to make informed business decisions. We also know ERP implementation requires significant time and resources while also delivering a diverse set of business benefits once deployed and used effectively. Read more.

There is no one-size-fits-all and you have to do some research to find the best ERP solution for you. Learn More Here

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