Top Time Entry Apps for QuickBooks

What do you do when one of the your number one apps hits 14,000 five-star reviews? You acquire it. At least that’s what Intuit did with Tsheets – one of the most popular apps for QuickBooks of all time. As such, companies using QuickBooks that need time entry for payroll, projects, or jobs should take a serious look at this amazing little product. It packs a punch with mobile time entry, time clock, GPS, time cards, alerts, approvals, and a whole lot more. It even supports crews and employee scheduling. All of this for just $4 per active user per month plus a very low base monthly fee.

Of course there may be some reasons why Tsheets isn’t for you and there are certainly many other options available including:

  • SmartVault
  • Time Tracker by eBility
  • BigTime Time Tracking
  • ClockShart Time Tracking
  • Housecall Pro
  • Minute7 Time Tracking & Expense
  • ServiceTrade
  • Chrometa Timekeeping
  • MinuteDock
  • Time Tracking by Boomr
  • Aero Worfklow
  • OneTheClock Time Clock
  • HoursLogger
  • Time Clock Wizard
  • Mavenlink
  • Hour Timesheet
  • LeanLaw
  • VeriClock Time Tracker
  • Timely Booking App
  • TimeRewards
  • Tick Time Tracking
  • Time Clock by When I Work
  • BillQuick

These are just a few of the apps available today. We have personally seen Mavenlink which is a very strong product for project-driven organizations and should be a top consideration for any professional service organization. Some others to consider that are not listed on the marketplace include ProjectorPSA, TigerPaw, Workwise, Autotask, and many (most) other PSA applications on the market.

There are a few apps that are useful for time entry if you don’t need it for time and expense billing but rather, for employee time used for payroll and human resources. These apps are covered in more detail in other articles in our blog.

Companies with more than 5-10 employees often find that they quickly outgrow the limited features available in QuickBooks and some of the connected third-party applications and may be better served with a midmarket accounting or ERP system like Sage Intacct which has embedded professional services automation and project accounting with time entry at a very affordable cost. Interested? Contact us today for more details. Listen in as we discuss how a move to a new financial solution enables companies to…..Read More.

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