Using Your ERP System to Increase Customer Service

Customers expect more out of service today. It is now easier than ever to track items to see where they are in the process of being shipped and delivered. Most delivery services like UPS and USPS use this method which allows customers to feel like they are in the loop and plan ahead for their next step.

Customer service in manufacturing doesn’t have to be any different. In fact, reports show that 64% of customers have moved over to a company’s competitor after experiencing poor customer service. ERP systems are now making it easier for customers to track where their item is in the process of being made, as well as other customer communications.

Here is how you can stay on top of your game in customer service and communications to keep your clients from looking elsewhere.

As technology allows customers to get more on-demand customer service, the manufacturing industry needs to keep up. The more tracking and open communication becomes the norm in other industries, the more it will be demanded in every industry. Choosing the right ERP system can help you to stay on par with technology changes and your competitors.

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