Using Food Manufacturing ERP to Eliminate Recalls

It seems like every day there is a new product recalled on the food market. Often times when we approach a check out in the grocery store, there is a list of food items that have been recalled that week. The problem will food recalls is that by the time the issue within the food item has been discovered, it has already been on the market and has already had the potential to harm consumers. So, what if it were possible for a food manufacturing ERP system to identify a product recall before it happens?

Most would think it is impossible, considering food manufacturers have been using ERP for years and recalls haven’t been eliminated. However, the ERP market isn’t the only ones attempting to rid the world of food recalls. The Food and Drug Administration is upping their oversight to attempt to cut off food recalls at the source. In 2015, they have shifted their focus from responding to contamination to preventing contamination altogether.

There are food manufacturing ERP solutions out there that can help your company eliminate the risk of recall. When searching for the right food manufacturing ERP, the most important features to look for include shelf life management with expiration date control, product packaging and traceability. These are features that will cut of recalls at the source. With shelf life management, no item will be sent out to consumers that contains potentially harmful bacteria. Product packaging control ensures that every item will get to its intended destination in good shape, meaning no food item could have been contaminated. Full backwards and forwards traceability will give great insight into which items may have also been contaminated.

Some other important features to look for in a food manufacturing ERP include recall management and allergen reporting. The right food manufacturing ERP will help to minimize or even eliminate food recalls, however if something slips through the ERP system should be able to simplify the recall process. It should be able to identify what other items could have been contaminated and handle customer service objectives.

It would be every food manufacturers dream to have an ERP system that can virtually eliminate food product recalls. Not only will it save time and money, but it will save product reputation. Finding the right food manufacturing ERP can do that for you.We put together a one stop shop to provide you with videos and resources to learn more about e2b teknologies Food Industry ERP. Click the button to learn more.

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