VAI S2K Focuses on Business Intelligence

Vormittag & Associates, Inc. (VAI) is one of the oldest ERP vendors around these days with a 38 year history dating back to the glory days of the IBM mainframe platform since 1978. While many ERP vendors came out of the era and still exist, VAI is one of the few who remain very loyal to IBM and why not – it’s a solid and scalable platform that has proven its value for decades.

The latest release of VAI’s flagship product S2K includes new business intelligence functionality built out on top of the IBM Cognos platform. This expands on VAI’s previous releases which introduced new cloud and mobile options for customers.

VAI S2K is a solid supply chain ERP system with specific expertise in complex industries such as food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, and automotive. The product also has features that may be of interest companies in other wholesale distribution and manufacturing industry segments.

We don’t see VAI much in our market despite the overlap in industry focus in food and beverage and wholesale distribution with Sage X3 and Sage 100 and automotive and medical device manufacturing with Epicor ERP.

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