Why Businesses Are Moving Sage ERP to the Cloud

Cloud-based computing solutions have become an essential part of modern business, integrating innovative technologies and ERP software developments into highly functional business tools that help drive companies forward.

Offering more than just an accounting solution, cloud-based ERP solutions manage all business processes in one place without the need for IT infrastructure, providing both increased visibility and improved business flexibility. With customizable packages to fit the needs of individual businesses, there has never been a better time for companies to migrate to the cloud.

Here is a brief look at why more than 14,000 businesses have chosen to rely on Sage 100 for their cloud-based ERP needs:

Data and Analytics – Sage incentivizes use of its 100 series platforms with the inclusion of Sage Data and Analytics, a powerful business toolkit exclusively designed for Sage 100. These tools enable users to keep data from previous ERP solutions and maintain data continuity. SD&A combines multiple data sources into one comprehensive data solution, meaning that valuable business intelligence is never lost by deciding to upgrade.

Flexibility – With the economic uncertainty resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are looking for flexible options in the event of future lockdowns. By integrating highly customizable hybrid solutions, secure remote access to company systems, and mobile business applications, cloud-based ERP solutions give companies operational security in a post-pandemic environment.

Scalability – By eliminating the need for dedicated IT infrastructure, cloud-based ERP solutions offer on-demand scalability to respond to business growth. The last thing that any growing business wants is to be restricted by physical space, hardware capabilities and increased IT costs. With easy scalability options, Sage 100 removes these boundaries and lets businesses grow unrestricted.

Migration – Sage offers full customer support during the migration process, estimating the majority of total company migration time at just 1 day. As a business migrates, users gain access to a wealth of instructional tools through Sage University, an online education portal that helps companies make the most of their ERP software. In addition, a supportive community at Sage City provides users with tips, tricks, and other valuable insights from users around the world.

Security – In light of the recent explosion in cyberattacks worldwide, it is more important than ever for businesses to focus on increasing digital security. Cloud-based ERP solutions provide multilevel security services, ensuring critical business systems are backed up, operational, and secure. Cybersecurity applications are highly customizable, allowing business leaders to limit user access to only those systems needed for their job. In hybrid and remote environments, the increased digital security means that employees can safely use independent devices without increasing the risk of compromising company security.

Cost Savings – The cost benefits of upgrading to a cloud-based ERP solution are multifaceted, affecting labor costs by reducing IT personnel, reducing hardware maintenance costs, increasing cybersecurity, and offering affordable scalability on-demand. These are foundational cost savings directly linked to cloud ERP itself – not to mention the added benefits that come from Sage-specific products and services. The analytic value alone of Sage ERP solutions is more than worth the initial investment.

The Future of Business

Cloud-based ERP solutions rapidly replace conventional systems, offering cost-effective functionality and business intelligence in a more functional, more affordable model. Particularly as businesses continue to focus on green technology, cloud-based computing solutions demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a low environmental impact by helping companies reduce their carbon footprint.

With the integration of innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud-based ERP systems are more efficient, more effective, and more secure. Further supporting business flexibility across all industries, the real question isn’t why businesses are moving to the cloud but why companies hesitate.


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