World Metrology Day 2016: Why You Should Care

Happy World Metrology Day!

What is World Metrology Day?
Today celebrates the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875, which set the framework of our current system for measurement. Prior to the convention, countries had difficulty trading because everyone was using a different system of measurement.

Why is it Important?
The established International System of Units decided upon during the convention makes up all of what we currently use every day to measure length, mass, time, electric current, temperature and substance.

It can be easy to forget how much we measure every day, and how important World Metrology Day is. Think about your morning routine, from the amount of creamer you pour into your coffee, the fuel that fills up your car, the architecture of the buildings on your way to work and even the beats per second of your heart. These all are measurable and would be meaningless without an accurate measurement.


Accuracy in measurements is key. Imagine if the wings on airplane were supposed to be 60 feet, but they were only measured out to be 50. This could have detrimental causes on the flight of the plan, putting lives in danger. In order to ensure accuracy, equipment, such as airplane jacks,flukes, digital multimeters, torques or pressure gages, need to calibrated periodically to ensure the correct measurements are being read. There are many reasons why equipment would need to be calibrated. Simple factors such as time, a fall or drop, a change in weather or repairs can throw off an instruments readings.

This year’s World Metrology Day theme is “Measurements in a Dynamic World”. The topic hits on a key component metrology plays in our current world. As the internet and social media has made the world smaller, international trade is ever increasing, making the importance of a global measuring system critical. Further, our scientific innovation is expanding and technology is on the rise. In order to keep up, it is crucial that measurements remain static and accurate.


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