4 Common Mistakes During ERP Replacement

When it comes to implementing a new ERP system, there is a wealth of knowledge online. From implementation strategies to do’s and don’ts for picking a new system. One often overlooked area of ERP implementation, however, is those that are doing an ERP replacement. It is assumed that those who have already gone through an ERP implementation once, know what to expect.

There are a few common mistakes that even veteran businesses make when undergoing an ERP replacement. Just because you’ve gone through an ERP implementation before, doesn’t mean you are immune to the mistakes that come with it. Here are the four common mistakes made during ERP replacement:

  1. Living With the Problems

    This is an ERP replacement mistake that is made before you even consider replacement. You are frustrated all the time because your ERP system simply isn’t working for your business anymore. Maybe you have outgrown it or maybe your business needs have changed, but instead of considering ERP replacement you’re just living with the problems.

  2. Decision Roadblock

    Every decision maker in the ERP replacement process is going to have their own opinion. Whether one person wants to keep it cheap or the other is dead set on one functionality requirement, no one can come to a single decision. Often times this happens because the decision makers have a better understanding of ERP, but a decision will need to be made eventually.

  3. Brand Loyalty

    This is a unique problem that occurs during ERP replacement. You’ve already been using an ERP system and it was good to you until your business changed and grew, so you want to be loyal to your first vendor. Unfortunately, vendors can’t always fix every problem. Sometimes ERP systems simply can’t address every need and it is time to look into other vendors that do have the solutions you’re looking for.

  4. No Reassessment

    Assessing your business needs is an important factor in choosing an ERP system, and you may have done it during you first ERP implementation. However, it is vital you do it again during an ERP replacement. Those business needs ten years ago will not be the same now and if you don’t reassess, you’ll end up with an ERP system giving you the same problems.

ERP replacement does not have to be as painful as a first-time ERP implementation. This time around you have a better understanding of how ERP system’s work, what needs to be done to implement correctly and how costly it can be. However, there are some new factors to take in during an ERP replacement, like venturing out from the first vendor and how your business needs have changed.

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