Don’t Go At It Alone: The Importance of Consultants in ERP Implementation

Have you ever considered implementing ERP on your own? It might seem like a good idea, considering its one last payment you’ll have to make without a consultant and you know your business best. However, without a little help from a consultant you could end up flushing away all the money you had spent on your ERP system in the first place. It’s not an easy task to implement ERP and you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Empty Data

It’s one thing to watch all the demos of each product and see a view of what your ERP system might look at. All this information is in one place in easy-to-read charts and graphs. However, once you have been sent out to set up the ERP system on your own you’ll be scratching your head. Your businesses data won’t magically appear in the system. Every bit of data that is floating around on spreadsheets will need to be put into the system, and then you will need to set up and generate the reports and dashboards in your ERP system. This is easier said than done, unless you have a dedicated employee who can put the time into it.

Out of the box is not one size fits all

Every business carries out processes in different ways. You may have a different manufacturing or distributing model than the company next door. So who’s to say their ERP system would work for you? Just because you purchased an “out of the box” ERP system, doesn’t mean there won’t be some tweaking that will need to be done in order to have the system working up to your standards. A consultant can help to set up the ERP system in a way that best fits what your company needs.

ERP is not intuitive

As far as ERP has come over the last decades, the system is still not as intuitive as your smartphone or other technologies. Since ERP has to fit the needs of many different business models, from a process manufacturer to a private school, there are areas of the software that just won’t make sense at first. The more confusing it is to your employees, the less useful the software will become. This is where a consultant can come in to show you how to use it and train your employees in the best way possible.

You simply can’t just set up an ERP system, open it up and expect it to run beautifully for your company. There is customization and data input that needs to occur in order to get the full worth of the program. Using a consultant is the best way to ensure that you are using your ERP system to its fullest potential. Without one, you may be fumbling around and losing precious time and money.

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