Asset Tracking: Group Equipment by Type

Grouping assets gives more fine-grained control over the assets, enabling owners to manage them effectively. For instance, while grouping administrative assets, grouping intelligently sorts and categorizes assets. Owners will now be able to pinpoint assets allotted for the Admin team. Anytime Assets provides users with the Grouping option in addition to the various filter tools and several layers of customization, enabling owners to virtually track the status of each asset group at every given milestone.


The Need for Asset Grouping:

From copiers to trucks, most assets that a company owns needs to be tracked and managed by different facets of the business, from accounting to facilities management. This process was handled by excel and spreadsheets until the last decade, with a manual log and inventory record. Often, reports are generated with manual errors, leading to extended incorrect descriptions, and hardly did spreadsheets contain formulas and macros to make things easier.


With Anytime Assets, we give you the ability to categorize and organize asset types such as IT, Office Equipment, Consumables, Non-consumables, and Tools using the Group Equipment module. Similar to the pattern of tired-permissions that teams can access, you can also group assets based on the milestone achieved and the real-time location using RFID tags. To understand more about real-time tracking using Anytime Assets, click here.


Benefits of Asset Grouping:

Department Managers and their support teams working in the field on a project may need specialized reporting, customization, and features that are not functionally visible to the employees assigned specific business assets. This is where our Asset Grouping module on the Anytime Assets helps managers to sort and custom-tracking assets securely for their specific needs.


Contrary to the conventional fixed asset log and reporting system, real-time data is stored in the cloud so that you’re just not keeping up with your records, but the ability to track all your assets. With the Cloud-based asset management system, report generation and error-free data are available 24×7 for all team members for audits.


Eliminating manual data entry also significantly reduces your asset-related discrepancies, guesswork, and loss of items from the inventory.

The asset-group systems hosted on our real-time cloud will let your businesses manage assets without the cost and maintenance of owning a server. These secure servers are encrypted and put an end to the local-server-based systems, which may limit your access to regular business hours.


Another key benefit with Anytime Assets is the ability to scale. For any business model, the volume of fixed asset data to manage will increase oveof time, so a universal and adaptable solution will be required to keep up with your expanding and tiered asset tracking needs. And you pay only for what you need at a particular moment with Anytime assets.


Anytime Assets allows for complete customization and provides various levels of grouping options, so the fields you need to run your business efficiently are available to you. Using our secure asset portal, users can edit and add information on each asset, making Anytime Assets scalable and flexible no matter where your business ends up taking you.


Anytime Assets Asset Calibration dashboard helps you add grouping based on asset types to monitor and review asset-related information remotely. Though initially developed for the Aviation Industry, we provide customized solutions specific to your industry and help your business grow. With an integrated and secure Cloud-Based environment, the real-time information of all your assets is made available at your fingertips. Anytime Assets can provide you with an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.

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