Benefits of Accounting Software in Home Healthcare

The home healthcare industry has evolved from the days a doctor made house calls with a little black bag. Today, providers are expected to arrive with solutions to their patients’ health concerns which creates significant challenges. From the complexity of maintenance and accessing patient records to the logistical challenges of tracking and administering prescription drugs, there’s a lot to keep in order.

Sage Intacct is designed for assisted living and home healthcare facilities and aims to integrate all of a healthcare organization’s practices under a single umbrella. The benefits of assisted living ERP can be felt facility-wide but can be particularly pronounced for the accounting department. Sage Intacct cloud accounting software helps healthcare professionals in the home health industry manage their day-to-day in a more efficient way. Here’s how:

Cost Reduction Across All Departments

Beyond improving patient care, one of the major goals of senior living ERP is the overall reduction in costs. ERP helps reduce costs across all departments and functions within the home health industry. For instance, home healthcare providers see a reduction in costs when they are able to reduce administrative fees associated with data management and helping home health providers save huge amounts in travel.

With Sage Intacct, all data is stored digitally and made accessible by an online dashboard, home healthcare providers no longer need to travel from place to place to transfer or access documentation related to patient health needs.

Cloud Accounting for Assisted Living

Cloud accounting offers many benefits to the home healthcare market including secure and easy access from anywhere. Sage Intacct is easy to use with modern UIs and
allows authorized providers to be mobile with data accessible from any smart device.

Facilities are protected from data breaches with Intacct’s detection methods, firewalls, and data encryption which get backed up automatically.

Better Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is one of the most important processes related to the accounting department, and it is made significantly easier with Sage Intacct. Home healthcare providers can easily track employee hours, identify issues in employee scheduling, and ensure that they have the necessary coverage to provide the highest level of in-home patient care.

Integrating employee scheduling with the same system used to track payroll payments allows for easy insights into operational waste associated with poor time and logistical management of personnel.

For instance, home healthcare providers frequently have to travel considerable distances over the course of their day, Intacct can help identify inefficiencies within their travel and stop schedules.

Purchasing and Payroll

Intacct’s assisted living accounting software makes it easier for home healthcare organizations and providers plan and track all their financial activities. Data pertaining to processes like purchasing equipment, performing and billing treatment plans, and administering medication are collected and managed in a single location.

As a result, the financial components of each of these processes are streamlined and, in many cases, automated. The tracking capabilities of Sage Intacct helps to identify duplicate orders and makes billing considerably simpler. Providers are able to track the expenses associated with individual patients’ care, track all payments received, and even help manage debt collection processes for past-due payments.

Sage Intacct lets facilities easily interface accounting software with other software solutions, set up automation for standard processes, streamline reporting processes, improve data transparency, and reduce operational waste by saving employee time and minimizing system errors.


e2b teknologies has a deep understanding of the unique accounting and financial management needs of assisted living and long-term senior care facilities and offers systems for senior living communities who want seamless accounting, clinical and business management solutions. Contact us to learn more about how ERP systems can move your senior living facility forward.

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