Cannabis Compliance Requires Cannabis ERP (Part 1)

The regulations governing the cannabis industry today continue in their constant state of change to which we’ve all grown accustomed. Nevertheless, companies operating in this space must remain up-to-date with the evolving guidelines which dictate their business processes and often vary from state to state. Cannabusiness owners are certainly no stranger to the term compliance, but maintaining compliance becomes increasingly challenging with multiple regulatory agencies requiring more data.

As a cannabusiness grows, the business data they’re required to manage and report to the various agencies becomes impossible track manually. With compliance requiring strict, day-to-day accountability, how can cannabis operators be expected to maintain adherence to compliance and still grow their business? Guiding you through the complexities of cannabis compliance is cannabis enterprise resource planning.

What is Cannabis ERP?

Cannabis enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a system which integrates the main functional areas of a cannabis organization’s business processes into one single, unified system.

An ERP solution specific to the cannabis industry is essential due to the nuances of a newly legitimate but complicated industry in its early stages, growing faster than legislation can keep pace. Cannabis ERP ensures compliance across the commonly regulated areas such as finance, production, inventory tracking and management, licensing compliance, packaging, labeling, and waste management, taxation.

With cannabis industry software to manage other important security considerations including privacy, accessibility and customer data, organizations can maintain adherence in an industry where federal and state laws can vary significantly. Here are a few additional ways ERP addresses cannabis industry compliance:

With cannabis enterprise resource planning, cannabusinesses get the operational and compliance tools to meet the requirements of an ever-changing industry in one cannabis industry software solution.
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