Can’t Marketing Ever Make Up Their Minds?

Ah marketing – those folks in every organization that we carefully deem as “creative” when we really mean “strange.” I can say this as I’m in marketing and it’s true – all good marketers are, as my father would say, a tad off plumb or “very interesting.”

The average person is bombarded with literally thousands of advertisements daily making it increasingly important for marketers to stand-out. Inevitably, this means that we’re constantly trying to connect on a deeper level with our audience, editing and re-editing every advertisement and message to make it better the best, and it must be memorable, insightful, emotional, and well – it must work – it must generate leads and increase brand awareness.

So when we saw Adobe’s Creative Cloud commercial called “The Launch,” we could easily relate. We’re sure you’ll get a chuckle out of this and if you’re a marketer like us – this may just become one of your all-time favorites. Enjoy.

photo courtesy of NASA via

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