The Case for Using A Cloud ERP Consultant

Cloud ERP is widely becoming a more sought after option in the ERP marketplace. For the last 3 years, the number one factor holding businesses back from implementing cloud ERP was concerns about security. Fortunately, a majority of those security fears have been quelled as business have learned that cloud ERP can sometimes even be a safer option. However, the new challenge facing cloud ERP is the concern over not enough expertise surrounding the hosting option, which is why more businesses should consider cloud ERP consultant.

The fifth annual State of the Cloud survey conducted by RightScale shows that only 29 percent of businesses see security as a challenge to cloud ERP, whereas since 2013 it has been the number one challenge. The new challenge, according to 32 percent of businesses, is a lack of expertise in cloud ERP. This fear is easy to overcome because there is a wealth of knowledge and benefits in using a cloud ERP consultant.

  1. Experience

    This is an obvious reason to hire a cloud ERP consultant if your biggest fear in implementing cloud ERP is a lack of expertise. ERP consultants have been working with the software for over 20 years, and although cloud ERP has not been around for that long, they most likely have been working in the cloud since it became popular. These cloud ERP consultants will know where the pitfalls arise and how you can avoid them.

  2. Product Knowledge

    It is a cloud ERP consultant’s job to know the product inside and out. They will know which software will work best for your company, and how to use the system. Further, they will have hands-on experience with the cloud ERP system, helping you to get direct information about the product.

  3. Speed Up the Process

    Most companies biggest complaints about implementing ERP is the length of time it takes. With the expertise and knowledge of a cloud ERP consultant, you can cut down on time. While other companies are wandering on the path alone, a cloud ERP consultant can help you to make the right decisions right off the bat.

  4. Save Money

    This may seem counter-intuitive because to work with a knowledgeable cloud ERP consultant you would need to pay them, usually hourly for their work. However, if you’re cutting back on implementation down time and have the expertise to ensure you’re using your cloud ERP correctly, you’re actually saving money in the long run.

A lack of expertise in cloud ERP shouldn’t be the number one thing holding you back. There is a wealth of knowledge among cloud ERP consultants that can ensure you’re an expert in the product you choose.

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