Is Your ERP Software Holding You Back?

ERP programs are supposed to save you time and money, and increase your company’s productivity and revenue. This has become common knowledge among ERP users. Despite all this, sometimes your ERP system can actually be holding you back. The warning signs of whether your ERP system is killing your company are clear.

The integration of your company’s data from customer orders to quality management are critical to keep the business thriving. If your ERP system is making this data difficult to access, or not allowing the integration altogether, the system isn’t doing much for you at all. Your employees will find a disconnect between reporting and you will see a lot of wasted time. This is a clear indicator that your ERP system isn’t working for your company.

Upgrades are great. They get rid of bugs within software and add tools to make everything run quickly and smoothly. However, if your vendor is continually and sporadically releasing new updates it can be hard to keep up and you can miss out on important new tools. Upgrading constantly can also make your company lose time, creating disruptions in the constant readjustment phase. To add to the upgrades, having to pay for each additional upgrade and the maintenance fees that come with it can burn a hole in your pocket. ERP is known to be a smart investment, but if you’re constantly shoveling out more than you’re receiving that investment isn’t paying off.

With the commonality of smartphones today, we’re used to being able to access our information from anywhere. There’s no reason this shouldn’t apply to our ERP systems, as well. If your current ERP system isn’t allowing you access to on-the-go information through mobile usage, apps or a cloud-based system then you’re falling behind the rest of the market.

If you’re a company with global needs, then your ERP system should support that. There are many different ERP solutions that offer multiple languages and interfaces that cross international borders. You’re losing time and money if you’re forced to manually report information from one country to another.

If you feel like you keep hitting a wall in your ERP system, there most likely is a solution out there that can fit your needs, don’t let it hold you back. Checking with a consultant is also a great way of making sure you don’t end up in an expensive ERP system that will be hindering your business.

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