How to Choose a Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing ERP System

One of the most difficult processes of implementing a new ERP software is knowing where to start. Every vendor can tout their rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP system as the best one out there, but how do you know for sure? There are some general indicators for selecting a rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP system that are a great place to start when deciding which ERP system is the best for your business.

Consider these three areas when selecting a rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP:

  1. Manufacturing Mode

    The very first step you should take, and the most important step, is determining what mode of manufacturing you use. Whether it’s discrete, process or mixed-mode, not every ERP system will work great in each mode. If you’re a discrete manufacturer, your rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP should improve quality and keep costs down. If you’re a process manufacturer, the ERP system should provide lot traceability, process batch control and formulas and recipes. In a mixed-mode, the ERP system should be able to handle a mix of both manufacturing types. Without choosing a system that can handle your type of manufacturing, you won’t get much out of it.

  2. Financials

    There are a lot of great rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP systems out there made specifically for the industry, but they can lag on the financial side. Make sure that the ERP system you choose is great in both areas. The rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP you choose should have basis general ledger, multi-company capabilities, accounts receivable, accounts payable and the ability to integrate with third-party add-ons.

  3. Analysis and Reporting

    Any data your rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP system captures is pointless if it can’t turn that data into a usable report. You need to be able to understand all the data that is collected by your ERP system. The rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP system should be able to collect historical data and give you a report that will help you in future planning, as well as give you usable real-time data to ensure your processes are working properly.

There are many other important facets to choosing a rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP, such as inventory management, traceability, production scheduling and more. Knowing how your manufacturing mode plays into your ERP choice, having good financials and reliable reporting is a general place to start when choosing rubber and plastic manufacturing ERP. Once you know the ERP system has these, then you can start looking into specific functionalities that will fit your business needs.

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