Choosing the Best Automotive ERP Solution

Automotive manufacturers are faced with solving a difficult puzzle: how do we design a better product while decreasing cost? Luckily, the answer to this question has already been solved. Automotive ERP can help to bring about collaboration, increase innovation and manage the supply chain to become more efficient and reducing costs. However, this brings about another big questions. What is the best automotive ERP choice? Below we take a look at Epicor automotive ERP, one of many great options for the automotive industry.

Epicor automotive ERP is one of the only ERP systems on the market that can allow you to go on-premise, hosted or single- or multi-tenant SaaS. They also offer a lot of features within the solution that are extremely helpful to the automotive industry. Below we highlight a few.

  1. EDI

    One of the most important aspects of automotive ERP is the ability to integrate EDI with the system. Epicor automotive ERP supports the ability to send purchase orders, change orders, planning and shipping schedules and receive purchase order and change order acknowledgements, advanced ship notices and invoices. Epicor has an extremely powerful EDI system.

  2. Quality Standards

    The automotive industry has strict quality standards that need to be adhered to, which can be difficult to follow without an automotive ERP system automatically doing it for you. Epicor automotive ERP is able to support PPM, PPAP, APQP and TS/ISO quality standards. Further, the automotive ERP solution can create AIAG compliant labels.

  3. Support Lean Manufacturing

    In addition to meeting quality standards and achieving innovation, automotive manufacturers are expected to cut the costs as well. In order to achieve that, more automotive manufacturers are introducing lean methodologies. Epicor automotive ERP supports the use of Kanban so the most efficient processes are being used with the least waste possible.

There are many great automotive ERP solutions on the market, and some may work with your company better than others. However, Epicor automotive ERP is an extremely powerful solution that can help to decrease costs while increasing the amount of innovation and quality standards.

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