What’s a Business Process Review and Why Should You Get One?

When preparing to add on a new ERP system, one of the very basic places to start is by conducting a business process review. The only way you can be sure that you are selecting an ERP system that will help your business to grow and minimize daily tasks is by checking your business over from top to bottom. Once you are aware of where all your business’ shortcomings are, you will be able to select ERP that focuses on and fixes those issues.

During a business process review, a consultant will breakdown everything you do day-to-day and document these activities. The consultant will follows every specific process and interview the employees that will be involved in these important processes. These employee interviews allow for a 360 degree view of your business, from start to finish and vendor to customer.

Risk Management

Implementing ERP is no easy task, so every risk should be identified before the process begins. The consultant can identify what type of ERP system you would benefit from most, whether it is one for process manufacturers or larger enterprises. This will save you from a huge implementation disaster.

Cost Estimate

Depending on where you are in the process of choosing an ERP system, a business process review can give your consultant an idea of how much the implementation will cost. By identifying all risks, you can also identify where money can be saved before jumping into the ERP implementation phase.

Define the Implementation

Since the business process review takes place before implementation, it gives the consultant time to rally support and enthusiasm from key players in the process. They can break down each process that will need to take place, allowing for smoother transitions.

Sets Realistic Expectations

The purpose of a business process review is to take a closer look at every area of the business, every daily task and any risks. By doing this, real expectations of what the ERP system can do will be set. This will help in the long run to engage end users in realistically using the solution and their adoption of it.

Once your business has grown, you sometimes have lost track of how your daily tasks take place. Everything gets into a rhythm that can be hard to break. Sometimes you need to simply take a step back and figure out if those process are truly working for you, or against you. Getting a business process review before choosing ERP will help to ensure that you’re getting the most efficient and cost effective system.

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