Embedded Sage ERP Document Management Overview

All major ERP products provide very basic document management capabilities embedded in the core product functionality. The most popular embedded features relate to the creation of documents using Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and in some cases, Microsoft SharePoint as well. In this blog we will introduce you to the Sage ERP document management features that come along with your ERP system as well as how you can extend these modules for greater control, efficiencies, and cost savings.

Overview of Embedded Sage ERP Document Management

Sage 100 ERP: Sage 100 ERP includes a Custom Office module which provides mail merge capabilities to create customized letters and documents in Microsoft Word, export of data from Sage 100 ERP to Microsoft Excel, and attachment of Microsoft document files to data records in Sage 100 ERP.

Sage 500 ERP: Sage 500 Office is included in Sage 500 ERP providing access to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook to create and manage mail merge documents and documents related to specific data records within the ERP system. Documents created and managed in Sage 500 Office can be emailed through an interface with Microsoft Outlook. Other types of files and documents are also supported with Sage 500 Office such as images, engineering drawings, hyperlinks, and more.

Sage ERP X3: Sage ERP X3 includes embedded integration with Microsoft Office products as well. You can insert charts and tables from Sage ERP X3 into Word files, export data to Microsoft Excel, and import data and charts into PowerPoint.

As mentioned above the embedded document management features that come standard within your ERP system will be quite limited and you may want to evaluate enhancement options. Outside of those options, there are literally hundreds of others available on the market today, but you must evaluate and choose carefully.

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