Is Sage 100 ERP The Right ERP System for You? 12 Ways to Know

ERP solutions are not one-size fits all which is why truly understanding your business needs and an product research plays a crucial part in selecting an ERP system. Sage 100 ERP is a simple, yet powerful solution with many features and functions that you may find attractive, but was it designed for a business like yours? Find out below:

12 ways to know if Sage 100 ERP could be a good fit for you:


  1. You’re currently investigating ERP solutions for the first time.
  2. You currently own an ERP system and are looking to make a change.
  3. Your company operates in the distribution, manufacturing, or retail industry.
  4. Your revenue is in the neighborhood of 100k-9.8 million dollars.
  5. Improving that revenue is one of your major business goals (whose isn’t, right?).
  6. You have anywhere from 1-99 employees.
  7. Some of those employees make you your sales team; inside sales, outside sales, or both.
  8. Some of those employees perform work on-site at customer locations.
  9. Offering your customers only the best experience plays a major role in your strategy.
  10. You want to be able to make better decisions and use your business data to do it.
  11. You’re sending 30+ invoices each month to your customers.
  12. you manage inventory in excess of $100,000 or if you have over 100 SKUs


Does the above description sound like you? If so, click here to access more information, product demos, white papers, spec sheets, and customer success stories about Sage 100 ERP. Have some specific questions? Contact one of our consultants today!

How does Sage 100 ERP address companies like the above reach their goals?

-With new mobile, social, and cloud technology, users can get to know their customers much better and makes improving their experience with your company easy because it gives them exactly what they want. For example:



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