ERP Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain (Part 2)

Principles #5-8 to Guide You Through to a Successful ERP Implementation

In the first part of our mini series, we discussed the first for principles for a successful ERP implementation: Project Setup, Management Investment, Project Scope, and The Successful Implementation Team. If you missed the first part, you can read it here.

There are many challenges that come with ERP implementation. Proper planning can ensure the success of your project. We’ve seen companies diving into their implementation without the thorough due diligence and planning required, so we broke the process into 8 principles to guide you to ERP implementation success. Here are principles 5-8:

The entire ERP implementation process requires clear communication. In case we haven’t made this clear: having open and ongoing conversations about your project’s purpose and the expected benefits to staff and end-users is a primary takeaway of this post. We offer this guide as a tool to help you overcome misconception and prepare for the common ERP implementation challenges your company will encounter.

We’ve developed these 8 tips to help navigate the many choices for ERP selection.Learn More Here