Hosting Your Sage ERP Maximizes IT Resources

As companies across the nation begin to gear up for the holidays and new year, everyone seems to be looking for opportunities to cut costs. It’s no secret that supply chain disruptions have been complicating matters, but that’s just one part of a much larger and more complex financial situation facing businesses today.


In addition to the stress on supply chains, companies bear the burden of labor shortages in every field. In particular, the lack of talented IT personnel seems to be compounding on itself – overextended IT leaders with limited resources are prevented from deploying cost-cutting emergent technologies because there aren’t enough personnel to implement them.


For businesses already taking advantage of Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions, opting for an external host can significantly impact IT resource allocations. This need will only become more pronounced as the labor shortage continues, so companies should strongly consider integrating an external host solution before the demand for hosting services results in an average price increase.


Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most significant impacts hosting your Sage ERP solution will have on your business and how it can help you get the most out of your IT team.


Security and Accessibility

Off-premises Sage ERP hosting helps ensure that company systems are always secure and accessible without sacrificing limited IT resources that leadership could apply to other projects. In addition, with the added strain on IT resources resulting from the influx of remote and hybrid working models, some companies have been struggling to keep up. Industry experts don’t expect a quick return to conventional models that rely on people coming to the office – in fact, they predict that remote work will become a permanent feature of all successful businesses moving forward.


Clear Labor Divisions

Integrating a host for your Sage ERP software solution provides a clear division of IT labor, distinctly separating IT functions and tasks, so no one wonders which team is responsible for specific processes. This not only frees up company IT teams to focus on the tasks assigned to them, but it also helps keep them accountable when issues arise. This works to ensure the quality of IT personnel performance and contributes to a healthy work environment that talented technicians and leaders will want to continue working in. On-demand Patches,


Support, and Training

Keeping your Sage ERP solution updated is a critical function of your IT team, and consistently performing these tasks puts a strain on departments that are already stretched thin. By outsourcing these services to a cloud ERP host, companies partnering with Sage can ensure they are completed successfully and with as little interruption as possible. In addition, cloud ERP hosts often simultaneously offer support and training services for company leaders and IT teams, making sure that they have the latest software solutions available and making sure they know how to use them.


IT Expertise

Another benefit provided by hosting services is the guaranteed expertise of IT personnel maintaining your ERP solution. While in the midst of the ongoing IT labor shortage, some companies might feel pressured to bring on IT staff that they don’t necessarily have complete confidence in. Not only can this dramatically impact business operations by leaving critical business systems unprotected, but it also ends up being a waste of money when underperforming staff are eventually let go.


Businesses today can’t afford to waste IT resource allocations on personnel who won’t be able to grow with the company. Instead, they can repurpose those funds to secure highly-skilled internal IT teams to help a business succeed in the long term.


Built-in Scalability

With hosted ERP, companies gain access to built-in scalability options that are incomparable to the limited scalability of dedicated ERP infrastructure systems. These solutions are made with scalability in mind, providing on-demand resources to the businesses that need them. In addition, while all companies hope their business grows to need more ERP services, the hard truth of the world is that downsizing might be a wiser financial decision sometimes. Without the strict reliance on on-premises hardware, hosting your Sage ERP solution means your business can remain flexible, making the best decisions they can to keep costs low and satisfy stakeholders.


Hosting Solutions for Intelligent Businesses

No matter what size your IT department is, companies should always look for opportunities to maximize their resources. With the benefits provided by Sage ERP hosted services, businesses who can’t wait for the labor shortage to ease can deploy new cost-cutting solutions now.


Please take advantage of these solutions now, and keep your IT team performing the way you need them to.



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