How AP Automation Improves Your Workday

A workday full of emails, meetings, and conference-calls is just another day at the office for many working professionals. These are often interruptions to typical job responsibilities, which businesses can’t afford to let fall behind while other initiatives continue in tandem.  

Managing meetings and schedules, along with other essential business tasks, is nothing new. What has changed are all the opportunities companies have to make business automation work in their operation. Some companies simply find it easier to ignore the possibilities because, let’s face it, seeking out new technology can be intimidating.  

But what happens when, amid meetings, emails, and manual processes, your staff becomes overworked managing workarounds and cobbled-together software solutions when better technology is available? 

It becomes frustrating, the output drops, and then efficiency takes a nose-dive. This problem hit AP departments everywhere until cost-cutting and efficient advanced solutions emerged.

When companies need to be lean as possible in today’s environment, unnecessary work not only deviates the attention of your employees from the goal, but it also puts the future of your organization at risk. With modern AP automation, employees no longer have to spend hours manually coding invoices, chasing down approvals, and correcting errors. 

Ease of Accessibility 

Cloud computing allows crucial data to be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on-demand.With SaaS technology, organizations can provide needed access to data for financial departments to increase visibility and collaboration for reporting and forecasting purposes.

Cloud-based AP technology has increased security and less risk for data breaches, so the exchange of sensitive financial documents can happen more responsibly.  With critical reports and invoices accessible 24/7 and automatically backed up, your business data is safe, secure, and always available.

Eliminating cumbersome paperwork

With more connectivity, better security, and real-time visibility, AP automation is all about your organization realizing better efficiency while saving time and money.

Spreadsheet accounting and other manual workarounds require too much human input, wastes time, and are too error-prone. Even the slightest error can throw off outputs and cost your company significant amounts of time and money to correct.

Once you automate your AP processes, you’re operating from a single source of accurate data, so manually input human errors are eliminated. 

Increased Control over Cash Flow

No longer will company leadership suffer sticker shock from lack of visibility oversight, and not knowing what’s being spent, AP automation gives you full control over budgeting and eliminates surprises. 

An automated AP structure allows the C-suite to pinpoint the minutest expenditure, prepare audits, and manage reconciliations, so you get deep insights into financials as well as the availability of assets and funds.

No Need for Additional Staff

Automated AP processing increases productivity, the systems are easy to learn and allow existing staff to handle higher-level tasks. 

Whether manually inputting data, searching for lost documents, downloading and scanning attachments from other users, or reconciling supplier and PO information, manually processing costs more time and money. With the extra time, your staff can devote their time to other value-added tasks like compliance issues, managing cash flow, and forecasting budgets.

So, why do you need AP automation for your business?

  • Greater control, easy access, real-time monitoring
  • Requires less human labor & payroll
  • Streamlined processing
  • Transparency & visibility
  • Time & cost-saving
  • Deeper insight & transparency
  • Integrations with existing finance systems
  • Customized solutions

Thinking of automating your AP processing? Consider Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct is known worldwide for being the AP automation technology that lets you do more, in fewer steps, for more accurate results.With so many benefits to automating your AP processing, choose the solution trusted by healthcare, manufacturing, retail industries all over the world.  

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