Innovating with Automotive Manufacturing ERP

The automotive industry can be extremely competitive. Consumers are constantly looking for the newest technology and the next best thing, which means automotive manufacturers need to be on top of their game. As more technology becomes available, those with the best IT rise to the top of the innovation chain. More and more companies are deploying automotive manufacturing ERP in order to stay innovative while also reducing cost and fulfilling demand.

Any old automotive manufacturing ERP may not do the trick, however. There are five key components that an ERP system needs to help manufacturers to innovate, reduce cost and fulfill demand.

  1. Product Tracking

    To stay in line with regulations, automotive manufacturing ERP should be able to easily keep track of every individual product. By automatically keeping track of each product, recall fears are diminished by allow you to isolate the problem part before it makes its way to the distribution phase.

  2. Supply Chain Management

    The number one key to fulfilling demand and keeping costs down is by having efficient supply chain management. The automotive manufacturing ERP you choose should be able to produce real-time data that will reduce waste, while supplying your customers with everything they need.

  3. Customization

    To stay a leading innovator in the automotive manufacturing industry, your ERP system should be able to keep up with changes in the product and customizations. If you’re spending half your time trying to calculate the new measurements of parameters, innovating becomes a hassle, not a tool for growth. The automotive manufacturing ERP system you choose should have the ability to automatically calculate changes create new prices for the product.

  4. Project Management

    To stay on task and on budget, automotive manufacturing ERP should offer the ability to analyze costs in many ways. For example, you should be able to set project milestones to show the progress of billing. Further you should see a break down in cost for each project from indirect labor, direct labor, material issues and purchase order costs.

  5. Quality Management

    It is great to cut costs and keep automotive manufacturing lean, however, in this industry that can’t come at the price of losing quality. A compliance audit shouldn’t be difficult or time wasted by digging for documents. The automotive manufacturing ERP system should maintain all documentation, issue resolution records, employee training, skill records and all other importation audit documents.

To become a leader in the automotive manufacturing industry, it is key to focus in on innovation, cutting costs and fulfilling demand. All three of these factors would be extremely difficult to hit without a top of the line automotive manufacturing ERP. Before jumping into an ERP system make sure you take the time to be sure your needs in these areas are met.

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