The Top 5 Challenges of Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers Solved

Rubber and plastics manufacturers can face unique challenges that are not faced by other discrete manufacturers. Rubber and plastics manufacturers are facing high demand for their products and are two of the largest sectors for manufacturing. To be able to reach all of this demand while staying lean and efficient, rubber and plastic manufacturers are taking advantage of ERP. ERP can solve some of the biggest challenges these manufacturers are facing. Below are 5 of the biggest concerns facing rubber and plastics manufacturers and how ERP can help.

Product Recalls

ERP for rubber and plastics manufacturers manages product recalls by allowing for back tracking on any item. If a customer calls in with a complaint about the product, the ERP system can show any other customers who may have been affected by the recalled product. This allows for easy recalls and less uncertainty. ERP also allows for lot tracking and quality control.

By-Products and Co-Products

Being able to manage by-products and co-products results in less waste and less missed opportunities. Costs can be associated with certain co-products which gives a more transparent look into the profit and costs of each item. By-product and co-product managing tools can be found in Epicor ERP, Sage 500, and Sage ERP.

Industry Compliance

Compliance costs for industry specific regulations can go through the roof if you’re not using the proper tools to address them. ERP software for rubber and plastics manufacturers keeps records in an easily accessible place, making internal and external auditing easier. With these documents kept in order, compliance costs will be reduced.

Data Quality

Maintaining the correct data through manual processes is practically impossible. One wrong key stroke or misinterpretation of data and key decision making can be thrown off. These mistakes can result in disasters such as over ordering product, throwing off financials or throwing off stock levels. ERP is able to manage real time data by integrating with all of your business systems. This data is updated as often as you would like and is much more reliable than manual systems.

Customer Service

Without customers you would be drowning in debt, so to keep them you need to have good customer service processes. Using ERP can help to manage credit limits and terms for customers, inventory management, communication between departments and other tools that help customers to feel like they’ve been taken care of. Using these ERP tools keep customers continually coming back.

ERP choices can vary as a best fit for rubber and plastics manufacturers. Since there are so many different processes in manufacturing these common items, there are different ERP systems that would work best with each company.

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