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e2b teknologies is pleased to be taking part in the Cannabis Quality Conference and Expo (CQC) October 1 – 3, 2019 in Chicago, come see us at Booth 411! Get your tickets for the show here. Use our promo code to receive 20% off your registration fee!

The CQC is an educational event for cannabis safety and quality solutions and represents a great opportunity for cannabis businesses and investors to learn more about the realities of operating within the cannabis industry. Andrew Kline, Director of Public Policy at the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) will deliver the opening keynote address.

Attendees can catch a glimpse of the best tools and tech on the market as well as learn about best business practices, new industry advancements, and projections for cannabis companies to take home and implement into their own business strategies. This event also features perspective and insights from industry experts, panel talks, workshops, and exhibitor spaces.

Cannabis is Serious Business

As indicated in the name, the conference is geared toward the issues of safety, regulation, and quality control within the cannabis industry. As such, attendees can expect the conference to be geared toward legislation and compliance as opposed to consumption. Instead of focusing on new cannabis product offerings, the CQC places emphasis upon the specific needs of the cannabis market in the Midwest, the unique state-by-state regulations as well as how it all intersects and overlaps with federal regulations.

CQC attendees will have access to the tools and materials that provide the best opportunity to advance within the Midwest cannabis market and focus on the science behind regulatory compliance. Talks and presentations will include predicting and staying on top of upcoming industry trends as well as networking opportunities with other cannabusinesses.

Cannabusiness Education Tracks

One of the more important and noteworthy benefits the Cannabis Quality Conference and Expo offers its attendees is access to three extremely focused and highly specialized educational tracks.

First, the CQC demonstrates its commitment to the advancement and understanding of the vital science behind cannabis with the track, which seeks to expand and offer cannabusiness professionals’ business insights through a greater understanding of new and existing scientific processes that foster greater yields, potencies, and outputs.

Second, the track offers cannabusiness operators access to valuable educational materials related to compliance issues, focusing on the challenges and opportunities presented in the regulatory strictures that can make running a successful and compliant cannabusiness such a difficult challenge.

Lastly, the track gives insights into and access to education on tools that bolster best business practices for cannabis businesses to improve their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as how these best businesses practices dovetail with state and regulatory compliance.

These tracks offer attendees the chance to learn about new tools and opportunities to help grow a thriving cannabusiness in this rapidly growing and competitive industry.

The progressive and complicated expansion of the cannabis industry in the Midwest coincides with the complex nature of the burgeoning legality of cannabis in the United States at both the state and federal levels. Given the difficult nature of competing in the industry while remaining compliant, it can be difficult for even existing and expert cannabusiness operators to know how best to navigate the shifting tides of legal cannabis.

The CQC seeks to help its Midwest members shoot the straits and narrows of cannabis manufacturing with valuable access to educational materials, tools, business practices, and networking opportunities that will offer its attendees the chance to see how other cannabis operators are making it work

Things to do in Chicago!

Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, but have you ever tried a jibarito? While attending CQC, check out the great food and fun in the beautiful Chicago suburb of Schaumburg, IL:

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