MarketingProfs: A Great Resource to Grow Sales

It’s all about sales for most any business. Sure, customer service is paramount but if you don’t have sales you simply can’t grow. And you need leads and opportunities to generate sales. But how do you do this effectively given all the changes in marketing in the past few years?

MarketingProfs is a great resource for both marketing professionals as well as owners, executives, and sales management to learn new strategies to drive sales opportunities. How good are they? They have more than 600,000 paid members, are followed by 221,000 people on Twitter, and have over 7,000 Marketing University students.

What they do is to provide educational courses, podcasts, and workshops around modern-day marketing topics and strategies such as social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, writing and storytelling, marketing software and tools, and much, much more.

Of course, they want you to sign up for a paid membership (which is a steal at $279/month for Pro or $499/month for Pro Team) but you should at least sign up as a Basic Member which is absolutely free. Basic membership provides you with limited access to their resources but those are still pretty darn good. You’ll get marketing articles, their excellent email newsletter, access to the discussion forum, and limited seminar and virtual conference invites.Read more for QB tips by Better Bottom Line.

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