ERP Consultant Cost

Trying to figure out how much does an ERP consultant cost? It’s important to have a good idea of this investment before beginning the ERP implementation process. Industry experts constantly mention the importance of getting an implementation consultant, especially if the organization does not have an experienced IT professional. Switching to a new system, or going through a substantial upgrade, requires dedication. The investment a company makes in a consultant can directly impact the success of the implementation.

Calculating Cost

Many factors contribute to the total ERP consultant cost. The greatest aspect is time investment. Start by the estimated length of the project. The project length in hours multiplied by the hourly consultant rate plus any travel costs will provide a good starting point. Difficulty in estimates is mostly due to the variability of key factors. Most ERP consultants will be able to provide a ballpark cost after learning about the organization, gathering requirements, and finalizing the scope.

Understanding Variability

To get a better understanding of potential costs, gather some information. Consider the ERP system you will be implementing. What is the average rate for a consultant that works with this product? The hourly rate for an SAP consultant is much higher than a Sage 500 consultant, for example. How complex is the project? Complexity equals a greater investment time to make sure everything works correctly. What area are you in? Consultant rates can vary quite a bit by geographical location.

Investing in Implementation Success

Lets get this right out in the open, hiring an ERP consultant is expensive. If you are unable to do the implementation with your internal resources, the benefits of having an ERP implementation consultant can be huge. ERP implementation consultants will know your specific software and will have experience to help you deign, configure, and launch your system as effectively as possible.

Your ERP implementation consultant plays a huge role in your project, is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth the upfront ERP consultant cost to have the job done right? Absolutely! Of course there are good consultants and bad consultants out there. Research reviews and perform interviews to get a better idea of each consultants strengths and expertise.
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