October 19 | Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

The Personal Computer Museum proudly presents a chance to clean your virtual desktop. The third Monday of October shall be declared National Clean your Virtual Desktop Day.

Many studies suggest that our environment affects our productivity and our overall health and mood. A clean and pleasing computer desktop can be critical for many of us who spend about 20 to 25 percent of our lives in front of a computer.

my-desktop My desktop – simple and clean.

Two of my personal suggestions for organizing your desktop is to first, pick a great wallpaper. My favorites are anything nature or vintage camping, hiking, baseball, or biking but pick something that you enjoy and make sure it’s simple, attractive, and not distracting.

Next, pick a method of organizing your files and use it! My personal suggestion is to create a work folder which contains all of your open projects – things you’re currently working on. And then file those away in your documents folder or wherever you store archived work (SharePoint, DropBox, etc.). I also prefer to have a shortcuts folder to access common locations for work.

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