Reporting & Business Analytics for QuickBooks

No accounting or any business software for that matter will provide exactly the type of reports you need to manage your particular business. There simply is no way that any software publisher could guess what information matters most to you and your management team.

Perhaps that why every business system allows you to customize canned, out-of-the-box reports. But there are still limitations with these native tools as some don’t link correctly to other tables, many don’t have easy-to-use utilities to connect to external data sources, and understanding the database schema and translating table, column, and other computer terms into plain English can be difficult – especially for non-technical users.

This is one reason why there are so many third party reporting products available for accounting and ERP business systems like QuickBooks. Each has their strengths and weaknesses so make sure you do your homework and consider products that may have extra features that you may not need today but may need down the road.

Also consider products that can connect to multiple systems as these will likely provide more flexibility and more benefits even though they tend to be more expensive options.

Below is a list of some of the more popular reporting tools available that integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting or ERP business systems.

One last tip – not all reporting and analytics tools work with every version or edition of QuickBooks – some only work with QuickBooks Online and others only with QuickBooks Desktop.

Profit Gap
Excel FSM
ICAT DCAA Compliance
Infor F9
Sales Analyzer
My Business Manager
TBX Trial Balance Exporter
Bison Analytics
Spotlight Reporting
Microsoft Power BI
More Reporting
My Own CFO
EXL Reports
Fiscal Checkup
Zoho Reports

Your systems capture a lot of data and we can help you mine that data to gain valuable insights into your business. We work with businesses large and small every day to create reports, integrate data, and automate businesses processes.

And when the time comes to move on from QuickBooks – we’re here with products like Sage Intacct which offers the same intuitive design with a lot more functionality making it easier than ever to manage every aspect of your business. We also work with some pretty slick reporting products like Solver BI360 which connects to virtually any data source.

Update: This blog was originally posted on December 13,  2017.We received a very nice email from the folks at Gypsi BI on April 27, 2018 informing us of their product called FinJinni Professional. They said,

“Our product, FinJinni Professional, allows the user to consolidate any combination of QuickBooks accounts, whether they are Desktop, Online or both. It works with all versions and editions. It exports the entire GL into a SQL data warehouse which can be connected to any SQL tool or the Excel Add-In. If someone needs a formatted report, we can create a custom report for them. (The first one is free.) Anyone with an understanding of SQL can create their own custom report.”

We are happy to pass this information along and encourage QuickBooks users to investigate their product further at

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