QuickBooks Training by New Horizons Learning Centers

Many companies using QuickBooks don’t realize the vast network of resources available for them to get more out of the product. One of the best sources for training on QuickBooks is New Horizons Learning Centers which operate multiple facilities throughout the country for classroom training as well as virtualized online training options.

Courses currently available include Get Going with QuickBooks 2015 and Keep Going with QuickBooks 2015 which are more advanced courses. They offer similar courses for older versions of QuickBooks back to about five years.

There are so many things to love about the New Horizons courses. First, they offer excellent course outlines so you understand what each course has to offer. Second, there is a list of things to do before you get started with the course to maximize your investment in both time and money. Third, each course provides a summary of what will be covered as you move through the training from getting started, navigating the system, to managing and posting transactions and understanding reports and financial statements. Unlike some QuickBooks training, New Horizons covers pretty much all of the major areas of QuickBooks including customizing forms, creating reports, and using more advanced features like inventory and job costing.

Course prices vary but are typically less than $800 for two days of in-class training. The knowledge you gain will undoubtedly improve your productivity with a tremendous return on your investment in a very short period of time.

And while you’re on their site make sure to check out other courses. They offer hundreds of courses on just about any business or technology topic including Adobe and Microsoft products, Salesforce.com, Crystal Reports, networks and infrastructure, VMware, WordPress, web development and application development, Cisco products, and business skills training such as business analytics, human resources, lean six sigma, and a whole lot more.

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