Sage 100 2021 Part 3 – Sales Order

Sage 100 is releasing 26 new features to support our 14,000+ active customers and to show our continued investment in this well-loved product. The Release Notes will provide you with the comprehensive list of what is available. Below are some key features we are excited to highlight.
Along with the Enhanced Security and Communications and the Improved Record Keeping Capabilities updates, Sage has also added some usability improvements to the new release.
Sage now offers Oauth to authenticate SMTP email requests. Customers who use email providers like Gmail or Outlook which require 2-step authentication can now use those email providers directly in Sage 100.
Additional Improvements:

  • Print all sales order recap reports at once – now, accountants can run all sales recap reports with just one click.
  • There is a new Purchases Clearing from History Report that allows you to reconcile the purchases clearing account at any time.
  • Purchase Orders module now displays line detail for receipt invoices in history.
  • NEC-1099 non-employee compensation form is now available in purchase order.
  • And many more!

Watch the video below to learn more.

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