Selecting an ERP Consultant: Getting Started

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Some companies are great at ERP consulting and others are great at selling you on their ERP consulting services while others aren’t good at either. It’s easy to eliminate the latter when evaluating ERP consultants but it’s very easy to be fooled by great sales people who claim they are the best fit for your organization unless you know what to look for, what to ask (and how to ask it), and what criteria to use when selecting an ERP consultant for your organization.

There are eight criteria that we recommend for companies to carefully consider when selecting an ERP consultant. These include:

  • Identifying a Good Reason to Change
  • Consider New ERP Implementations vs. On-Going Consulting
  • Evaluating ERP Consultant Expertise
  • Reviewing Product Portfolios & Partners
  • Understanding Consulting, Support, and Technical Services
  • Defining Desired Results
  • Identifying Cultural & Relationship Fit
  • Considering the X-Factor

Each step in the process should matter to most businesses or organizations seeking an ERP consultant or ERP consulting firm to assist them with a new ERP implementation project or for companies and organizations that are not happy with their current ERP consultant and need to change to a new ERP consultant for on-going consulting, training, support, and development services.

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