• Epicor | Epicor Enterprise
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    Epicor | Epicor Enterprise

    Epicor Enterprise Overview Platinum Software changed it’s name to Epicor in 1999 following it’s merger with DataWorks and the Epicor we know today was formed in 2011 when Epicor merged with Activant Solutions. Platinum Software Corporation was formed in 1984 in Irvine, CA. One of the early Platinum products, Platinum for Windows (PFW) was sold

  • Xero | Xero
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    Xero | Xero

    Xero Overview Status: Actively Maintained & Sold Founded in 2006, Xero is the fastest growing accounting software in the entry-level market space for small companies with (typically) less than 50 employees and less than $10 million in revenue. Headquartered in New Zealand, Xero has expanded rapidly to become a truly global solution – at least

  • October 10 | National Metric Day
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    October 10 | National Metric Day

    National Metric Day is October 10. Why? Because it’s 10/10 and the number 10 is pivotal to the metric system of course. National Metric Day is part of National Metric Week which runs October 10-14 this year (always the week that contains 10/10). The metric system has its roots as far back as 1586 when

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    PPAP Production Part Approval Process

    PPAP or Production part approval process is used in the tier one automotive supply chain to validate production quality with part measurements taken as the parts are produced. PPAP requirements vary by automotive manufacturer but adhere to the standards defined by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) as part of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

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