Ready to Move to the Cloud?

When considering your company’s digital transformation, it’s important to understand the differences between finance and accounting systems in the cloud and those on-premises. Once you gather some of these key details, you can ask yourself… are you ready to move to the cloud?

Perhaps you’ve realized your accounting system’s limitations and its lack of a full view over your organization’s finances. Maybe it’s that you’re rarely confident about how truly well (or unwell) your business is doing. 

Whatever the reason, you’re asking questions about your company’s future and your technology’s effectiveness at getting you there.  

If you’re tired of wasting time and money managing the IT infrastructure of on-premise solutions, spending too many manual hours to close the books and dependent on error-prone spreadsheets that deliver an incomplete narrative of your financial standing, the answer is yes – you’re ready.

You need compelling data and actionable insights to drive the critical financial decisions for the entire company. With all of your financial and operational data under one solution, rather than spending your time catching up, you’ll be getting complete visibility into your company’s actual performance. That’s what moving to the cloud with Sage Intacct is about.

Visibility into your whole financial picture is how Intacct helps to shape your company’s future. It’s cloud-based architecture and ease of access ensure availability from any browser on any mobile device, whether it’s an iOS system, an Android-based system, or a Windows-based system. 

Sage Intacct – the Cloud Solution for Financial Strength   

In this technological era we’re living in, businesses move to Intacct cloud solutions to perform more effectively and become better than their competitors. It is the finance and accounting system that improves your financial capabilities instead of delivering the status quo. The vast difference between a traditional accounting solution and Intacct are significant.

Traditional accounting solutions use a fixed Chart of Accounts with inflexible partitions making it near impossible to be accurately reported or analyzed. In contrast, Intacct captures transactional characteristics in real-time to get the delivery of a specific business in the form of standard reports. From there, you get eight dimensions that allow you to track things like projects, cost centers, programs, grants, customers, vendors, and more.  

This not only leans out your chart of accounts but also allows you to create excellent reports quickly. 

Economies of scale

With Sage Intacct, you can take the huge investment in capital to establish and maintain expensive IT infrastructure and use it toward more value-added investments. Cloud solutions are generally more cost-effective over on-premise technology. Multi-tenant cloud solutions like Intacct offer you the best economic benefits, including lower initial cost, upgrades and maintenance included, and deliver functionality faster and with more frequency.

Cloud technology increases data security  

News of security and data breaches are reported daily. Files and folders left on company desktops and laptops are prone to security breaches that can severely affect your business. Cybercriminals can easily hack on-premise technology without updated security.

By preventing unauthorized programs, systems, and users from gaining access or control over your system processes, resources, and data, Intacct features up-to-date security developed to protect your business: 

  • SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type II audited twice per year
  • SOC 2 Type II audited
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified
  • Tightly restricted access to production data including biometric access controls
  • Hardened networks and firewalls
  • Real-time activity log tracking
  • Automated security scanning and third party white hat penetration testing
  • Virus resistance reinforced through software architecture
  • Oracle database secured with advanced security
  • Minimum 128-bit encryption for all data transmission

Data-security measures include:

  • Full daily backups to multiple locations
  • Continuous backups of transaction data
  • Secure streaming of transaction data to a remote disaster recovery center

Are you ready to switch to Sage Intacct?

Many businesses that have already migrated wonder why they waited so long to embrace cloud technology. With Sage Intacct, you integrate your entire business with a breakthrough cloud financial management platform that delivers the reliable data and advanced insights you need from a single source. 

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